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Here students make and label the parts of a paper plant





Title – Parts of Plants
By – Daniela Rodriguez
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Art
Grade Level – Kindergarten

Texas Essentials of Knowledge and Skills Science Standards:

    K.6.B – The student is expected to record observations about parts of plants including leaves, roots, stems and flower.

Learning Objectives:

  • Sketch a flower.
  • Name the parts of a flower.
  • Identify the four main parts of a flower.

List of Materials:

  • Watch Seeds Grow book
  • 20 pages of construction paper for making 20 construction paper flowers
  • 20 green construction paper stems
  • 40 green squares of construction paper for leaves
  • 20 brown squares
  • 60 white labels
  • 20 glue sticks
  • 20 scissors
  • 20 pencils
  • 1 erasable marker

Pre-Activity Preparation:

  • Put book in the carpet area.
  • Prepare 20 sets of materials (1 flower, 1 paper stem, 2 green squares on which they will draw and cut out their leaves, 1 brown square for roots, and four labels) to be passed out.
  • Put pencils and scissors out on the student tables.


    Release students by tables to come sit at the carpet area.

Establish Set/Motivation/Introduction:

    Today we are going to learn about parts of plants, then guess what? You get to make your own flower!


  1. After students are seated in the carpet, tell them the objective today is to learn the four main parts of a plant.
  2. What is something you know about plants?
    Write down their different responses on the white board, giving them time to brainstorm.
    Okay, good answers. Now I am going to read a book called “Watch Seeds Grow.”
  3. Tell the kids one fact about each part of the plant as you read the book.
  4. After reading the book, talk about it.
  5. Now you are going to make your own flowering plant.
  6. Grab a set of materials and show the kids the parts and ask them:
    What part am I holding in my hand? A stem! Good job!
  7. Then demonstrate the process of how to make a flower.
  8. Label the four parts (flower, stem, leaf, roots), then glue them together.
  9. Please do NOT glue the labels until I come and check you.
    Walk around to help kids.
  10. Release students by tables to go sit down.


  • Are plants living or nonliving?
  • What makes food for the plant?
  • What is the first step to start growing a plant?
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