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This idea on Cell Organelles compares Cells to a School or Factory




11, 12  

Title – Cell Organelles
By – Sandra Anderson
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Science
Grade Level – 11-12
Students should have a background of cell organelles and their functions or have access to the definitions.
Students are to look at the make up of the cell as a unit or a system such as a car’s motor or a factory; each of which have important smaller parts with important functions.
Student’s Task:
Design a poster with a cell and its organelles on one part and an analogy to the cell on another part. Students should compare roles of each organelle to a part of their analogy.
Ex: Cell = School, where the nucleus, which controls all cell functions, could be compared to the principal in the school.

This is great because it gets students to re-examine functions of cell organelles and put them in terms that they can identify with. Teacher also gains some art work if they are well done!

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