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This lesson uses an astronomy website and Kidspiration 2 software to make a planet graphic organizer


Computers & Internet, Science  



Title – Astronomy
By – Danielle DiSavino
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 3

Goal of Lesson / Essential Question:

      The goal of the lesson is for students to use the website

    to acquire information about the planets in our solar system. They will utilize the information from the website to make a graphic organizer about the attributes of one planet in Kidspiration 2.

Instructional Objectives:

      Students will be able to determine between relevant and irrelevant information.


      Students will be able to access

    through their favorites. Students will be able to create a graphic organizer in Kidspiration 2, with four facts about one planet.

NETS Standards:

    Technology Foundations Standards for All Students:

      3 – Technology Productivity Tools

        Students use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity.

      5 – Technology Research Tools

        Students use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources.

NYS (Content) Standards:

      English Language Arts:

        Standard 1 – Students will read, write, listen, and speak for information and understanding.



          – Gather and interpret information


          – Select information appropriate to the purpose of their investigation


          – Select and use strategies they have been taught for note taking, organizing, and categorizing information


          – Present information clearly in a variety of forms, such as charts


        – Distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information

How is technology adding value?

    Through the utilization of technology, this lesson has added value. Technology allows the students to view information on the website visually. The website is colorful and will draw the attention of the students. The website also is easy to navigate through and easy for the students to read through independently. The information in the website is up-to-date and provides pictures for the students to view. The use of Kidspiration 2 also adds value to this lesson because students will create a colorful, neat graphic organizer that they could customize as they go on.


    Prior to this lesson, the classroom teacher should have introduced the solar system unit to the class. The classroom teacher should have also familiarized the students with the planets. The students have also been familiarized with the program Kidspiration 2 from prior lessons.

Lesson Activities:

      To begin this lesson the students will be called by their number to get their laptop from the cart, place it on their table spot, turn it on, and then return to the rug facing the Smart Board. While the students are getting their laptops, the classroom teacher as well as the technology teacher will be going around the classroom opening up

      on one computer and Kidspiration on the one next to it.
      When all the students have returned to the rug the teacher will ask the students what they have learned about the solar system from their classroom teacher. The teacher will take responses from at least four or five students. If none of the responses talk about the planets, the teacher will ask the students what they have learned about the planets and what the names of the planets are.
      Next, the teacher will inform the class that they will be exploring a specific planet on the internet using

      While the students are on the rug, the teacher will open up Internet Explorer and click on favorites. In the favorites there will be a link for

      . The teacher will click on the link and it will bring up the website. The teacher will go through the website with the students, showing them specifically where to find information about planets. As a class, they will go through the fact sheets from two or three planets determining what information is important.
      After the class views the fact sheets the teacher will explain the project the class will be doing. At this time the teacher will also inform the class that they will be working with a partner on this project. One student will have their laptop opened to

    while the other student has their laptop opened to Kidspiration 2. The teacher will choose the pairs and ask them to go back to their spots and put their hands on their heads. The teacher will now open up the program, Kidspiration 2.


      The students will be assessed both informally as well as formally. The teacher will observe how the students follow directions and pay attention to the lesson.


    The teacher will assess the students’ graphic organizer using a simple rubric.

Classroom management:

      At the beginning of the lesson the teacher will remind the students about the rules when using a laptop as well as the rules in class.

      • Carry the laptop with two hands
      • Do not run with the laptop in your hands
      • Follow directions
      • Raise your hand if you have a question
      • Do not go ahead of the class
      • Do not talk when the teacher is talking
      • Work hard and try your best!

      Plan for diverse learning styles (differentiation):


    Students will be paired up heterogeneously. The teacher will place a higher level student with a lower level student.

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