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In this webquest project, students discover how the water cycle relates to changes in matter


Computers & Internet, Science  


3, 4  

Title – Changes in Matter
By – Agnes Peeples
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 3-4


  • Students will be able to create a project from the changes in matter webquest
  • Students will learn how water changes.


  • (PCM) IV.2 Changes in matter
    Describe common physical changes in matter

Technology Standards:

  • Use basic telecommunication tool for collaborative projects with other students

Learning Resources and Materials:

  • Textbook for Science
  • Computer
  • Rulers
  • Waterproof markers
  • 25 plastic containers
  • 100 marbles
  • 25 notebooks

Development of Lesson:

  • Introduction:
        After completing this lesson, students will be able to understand how the water cycle relates to changes in matter.
        Two weeks is needed for this on-going Science project.
      First, students will watch a Webquest and complete an activity on rainfall.
  • Methods/Procedures:
        Place students in groups of four.

        Classroom discussion should be on what they already know about changes in matter and if they can name an object that changes in matter.
        After the experiment is finished, students will bring their containers inside the classroom and measure daily how fast the water evaporates. They will record their answers in their notebooks.
        A summary will be required for the next morning class session on what they learned, what they liked about the lesson, and what else they came in contact with that change in matter.
      Students will be monitored and given a specific time when they can take recordings so they do not interrupt other lessons in progress.
  • Accommodations/Adaptations:
        Fictional students Devin, James, Shelley and Max all have ADHD.

          Poster will be taken off wall for students

          Desks will be moved into groups of four

          Teacher should place higher learners with each of the students with learning disabilities.

        Teacher will handle all containers for the students
  • Assessment/Evaluation:
        Walk around classroom answering questions from each group and give suggestions or hints on the correct positions for the
        Take note of what students are contributing to discussions on the project.
      Display in a small area of the room, a diagram of the water cycle.
  • Closure:
      Students will be graded on answers in summary and how they contributed to classroom discussions.

Teacher Reflection:

      All of the class was interested in the lesson.

      Students worked well together

    Create more hands-on activities

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