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In this on-line geology course, students post their volcano/earthquake/glacier reports for on-line peer evaluation


Computers & Internet, Science  


4, 5  


Title – Geology Online Course
By – Susan Bernstein
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subject – Computers/Internet
Grade Level – 4-5

Objective: Students will learn about natural disasters i.e. volcanoes, earthquakes, glaciers, tsunamis, avalanches, etc.


      search engines i.e.

Time: one – two weeks


      Students read the 4 assignments online. Working with their team (3-4 students each) they will conduct research and then post their findings online for peer and teacher assessment.
      Assignment #1


      a) Describe the Mount St. Helens volcanic eruption


      b) Describe the San Andreas fault and California’s biggest earthquakes


      c) Describe the “Ring of Fire” volcanoes


      d) Describe Alaska’s glaciers
      Assignment #2


      Decide whether we should send aid to disaster victims in other countries. How might money be raised and how might people be persuaded to contribute?
      Assignment #3


      Write a myth explaining the origin of a volcano, an earthquake, a tsunami, sand dunes, drought, or avalanche.


      Teacher and peers will respond, online, with comments and grade for each of the 3 assignments.

Note: My school district has a contract with B.O.C.E.S. so that each teacher in the district is able to access – and they are the ones who host my online course – as well as my web site (where I post daily homework for parents and students to view).

If your school district does not have something similar, you can find out more about

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