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Here we graph the weather with help from the weather channel website


Computers & Internet, Science  


K, 1, 2  


Title – Graphing Changes in Weather
By – Nancy Zeigler
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – K-2
Concept – Earth Science
Percept – Weather

SC State Standards: Earth Science: Changes in weather daily. (III.B.1)

Objective: Following a brief class discussion, instruction, and modeling by the teacher, the student will be able to investigate the weather forecasts for three days, and mark a graph showing current temperature and changes in weather with 75% accuracy as assessed with the completed graph.

Materials/Equipment: Computers, Internet access, graph**, stickers, pencils, white board and markers

** Make a simple graph with a place for the student’s name at the top. Leave a space just under the name for the current temperature. The graph should have a column for each of the following: sunny, cloudy, rainy (or snowy). The graph should also have three rows labeled for each of the three days.

Vocabulary words: Weather, Internet, click, zip code, Weather Channel website, temperature

Accommodations for Diversity: Be prepared to provide extra help as needed; use K-5 assistant to help with students; ask for a parent volunteer to help in computer lab.


Set: Recall with students that we have been tracking the weather in our classroom. Ask them to describe what weather is. Tell them that for the next week or so we will be talking about our tracking and the changes in weather over time. Tell them that today we will go to the computer lab to look at the Weather Channel’s website.

Explanation: Talk about the vocabulary words, describing each word with help from the students. Show the students a printed page from the Weather Channel’s website. Describe how one might use the website. Tell students that we will use the website today to look up the weather for our zip code. We will look at what the weather is today and the projected weather for tomorrow and the next day. Each student will have a graph and some stickers. They will place a sticker in the column(s) matching what the weather will be. They will also write in the space provided the numerals representing the temperature for present time.

Guided Practice: The class will work in the computer lab together doing the activity explained above. The teacher and teaching assistant will move about the room to help students with any difficulties.

Hands-on Activity: The computer lab activity is the hands-on activity.

Enrichment: Look at “Hour by Hour” weather to see changes in weather.

Early Finishers: Return to classroom with parent volunteer and look at books on the weather.

Closure: Ask for observations from the hands-on activity. Talk about the changes that we all notice in the weather. Tell students that we will be talking more about this and how the changes effect them, animals, and plants.

Assessment: The graph will be used for assessment. The teacher will look for correct placement of stickers and the temperature written in the correct place on the graph form.

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