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In this lesson, insects and the internet intermingle to inspire an informational poster


Computers & Internet, Science  




Title – Insect Introduction
By – Annette
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subject – Computer and Internet

Grade Level – Fifth
Title: Insect Introduction

Background Information: Early in the year, in my class, we study insects in science. It is very warm in south Alabama and we can find specimens easily! We look at insects in our textbook and learn about their characteristics and environment and the way they are categorized.

Objective: The students will do research and develop an informational poster on a bug.

Materials: computers with internet access, posterboard paper, colored pencils, markers, and other general art supplies

Related URL’s:

Time Required: Since this lesson involves research on the internet, we use our computer lab time which is 45 minutes. To complete the project more time would be necessary as well as time working on the poster in class or at home.

Suggested Activities and Procedures: To begin the unit on insects, I have a list of insects that I use as a resource. I will put one name of an insect on small pieces of paper that I put into a “hat” or basket for students to draw one each. The one they choose will be the one they study and make their poster about. The list is: ants, aphids, bedbugs, beetles, bees, boxelder bugs, butterflies and moths (this could be in the same category or separate), cicadas, cockroaches, crickets and grasshoppers, dragonflies, earwigs, fleas, head lice, katydids, mosquitoes, praying mantis, silkworms, termites, stick insects, wasps, and water striders. The students are encouraged to bring in a specimen, if possible, of the more common ones. The students’ poster will give information about their bug: description, information about habitat and environment, any subcategories of their choice, personal artwork of their bug, at least two illustrations printed from the internet sources, and a list of their internet resources. NOTE: When students visit Yahooligans! they will go to “Science and Nature” (on the home page); then click on “Animals” and then go to “Insects”. At that point they find the list I gave them and can then click on to their specific insect. At the Burge Pest site, I noted that not all of the insects are on that site, but several are. Students can also visit World Book Encyclopedia and/or Britannica online as well.

Follow-up/Extension: Students will present their poster in an oral presentation to the class and are assessed by the teacher for informational content and creativity. Posters can be displayed in the room for enjoyment by the class.

Referral Sources: Yahoolicans and the above noted web sites.

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