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Here students use PowerPoint or Inspiration software to create a web with pictures summarizing the process of photosynthesis


Computers & Internet, Science  


7, 8, 9  

Title – Summary of Photosynthesis
By – Kristy Wilson
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 7-9


    Biology / Photosynthesis


    The summary of photosynthesis – somewhat of an evaluation to show whether the students understood the process of photosynthesis.


    Students will be able to summarize photosynthesis.

Learning Resources and Materials:

    Inspiration software is needed to help create the summary web. If that software is not available, the students could draw out a web or create a PowerPoint slideshow to show their understanding.

Development of Lesson:



      • At the beginning of class, go over the process of photosynthesis in great detail. Show pictures and diagrams of the process so students can visually see the explanations.
      • Keep students interested by asking questions and having them describe the process in their own words.
      • Maybe show a video of some kind to bring a different aspect to the assignment.




      • Start out having a group discussion about photosynthesis and what we have learned about it in past lessons.
      • Next, allow students to work in groups of 2-3 and show them a very simple sample of what the project will entail.
      • Go to the computer lab and have the students use either PowerPoint or Inspiration software to create a web with pictures showing the process of photosynthesis in detail.
      • In the next class period, students show their projects in front of the class, so everyone can see different outlooks.




      • For students with special needs, provide a template that they can work from.
      • Make their assignment simpler, so that they only have to do a sequence rather than a web.
      • Give them the option of presenting in front of the classroom.




      • Seeing both the oral presentation and the actual web of student reflections on photosynthesis will allow the teacher to decide if students understood the subject or not. This will be more exciting than taking a multiple choice test and will allow for a more accurate evaluation.




    • At the end of the presentations, allow the students to either discuss aloud what they liked or didn’t like about the presentations of others or give them peer evaluation sheets to fill out for each student.

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