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A tagboard circus clown is used in this body parts mini-lesson




PreK, K  

Title – Body Parts (circus)
By – Daisy
Primary Subject – Science
Grade Level – Pre-K

TEKS: Identifies and follows classroom rules

Learning Objectives: Learning the body parts

List of materials needed:

      1. Clown made out of tagboard

      2. Body parts made out of paper

    3. Crayons

Pre-Activity Preparation: Put the children into small groups, at least four in a group

Transitions: Students must move in their assigned group.


Introduction: Students will match body parts such as arms, legs, etc. with the tagboard clown. Whoever finishes first and has the correct answers, gets a prize.

Step 1: Students get together with their assigned group members.
Step 2: Each student gets to match one part of the clown body.
Step 3: The children will stay seated until the teacher comes over and checks it.
Step 4: Ask the class to name the different parts of a body, where do they go, and what are their names?

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