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This plan is on tornadoes and makes use of the Internet


Computers & Internet, Science  


4, 5  

Title – Tornadoes!
By – Victoria Sonstegard
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 4-5
Working in small groups, students will use Inspiration, Hyperstudio and the Internet to create a multimedia project about tornadoes for their weather unit. The students will learn about tornadoes, how and where they form, what storm chasers do, and weather safety. Contacting a class in the midwest and through email with students in that part of the country, they will learn what it is like to live in a place such as “Tornado Alley.” Each group will take on a different aspect of the project and then will combine all results into Hyperstudio for a presentation to the Fourth and Fifth grades at an assembly using a projection system connected to a computer or powerbook.

Problem Statement:
How and where do tornadoes most commonly occur?

Data Manipulation:
Using Yahooligans, type in the word “tornadoes” in the search box. Research the Internet collecting and printing out information. Copy photos of tornadoes into a project desktop folder called “Tornadoes.” Organize and lay out their projects in Inspriation.
Using Hyperstudio the student will create a six card stack including the Title card and Credits card.

Card 1. Title card with photo. Type out the title using the text tool, changing font and color.
Card 2. What is a tornado? How and where does it form? What is scale called to measure the power of a tornado? Draw a picture of a tornado to illustrate the information.
Card 3. Who are tornado chasers and what do they do? Include a picture and a quote from a chaser.
Card 4. Describe we learned from the students who live in “Tornado Alley.” Create a scrolling textbox to tell some of the stories the students from the midwest shared.
Card 5. Weather Safety. What to do in case of an emergency. Using a new button action, link this page to the NOAA Severe Weather Safety Guide.
Card 6. Credits

Have Fun learning about Tornadoes!

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