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Here’s a similar lesson plan on Tornadoes that also uses computers


Computers & Internet, Science  


4, 5  

Title – Tornadoes!
By – Victoria Sonstegard
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Computers
Grade Level – 4-5
Tornado Weather Project:
Working in 6 small groups, the students will use multimedia to create a presentation about tornadoes for their weather unit. Each group will have a different aspect of the project to work on and then will combine their results to create a Hyperstudio project to be shown to all Fourth and Fifth grades for an assembly at the end of the Weather Unit.

— The students will learn facts about tornadoes
— The students will learn about storm chasers and what they do
— The students will learn about severe weather safety and what to do in an emergency
— The students will learn what it is like to live in a place like “Tornado Alley”

Research Internet Use:
Look for fun websites about tornados.
Download pictures and facts about tornadoes.
Calculate tornado activity using a spreadsheet to graph their results.
Locate a class in the Midwest to email children who live in Tornado Alley for the duration of the project.

The project
1. Research in the library for books and magazines to create a Think Sheet for ideas to include in the project
2. Look for fun websites about tornados using Yahooligans ( and Ask Jeeves for Kids ( These search engines provide links to many great sites.
3. Research the internet using Yahooligans in the Science and Nature category for pictures and information
4. The students will calculate tornado activity in the United States using a spreadsheet to graph their results
5. Three hands-on experiments will be performed: Make an Anemometer, a Barometer and Make a Pet Tornado
6. The students will use Inspiration to organize the project before they begin assembling the Hyperstudion program
7. To pull it all together they will create a 5 card Hyperstudio stack including Title card.

Activities after using the computer
Presention of the Hyperstudio project about tornadoes to the Fourth and Fifth grades at an assembly

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