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A Science lesson plan on day and night





Day and Night
Grade Level:  Kindergarten
by Tout

Monday- Have children Put Glow-n-Dark stars on walls and talk about the Galaxy this would be a great time to introduce the “Milky Way” mix Drift detergent and water and glitter and paint it on Black construction paper.

Tuesday- introduce the color yellow and lets Paint the sun and talk about how we cant live on earth without the sun and what it does to help us on Earth.

Wednesday- Have the children bring their flashlights and turn out the lights in your room have them make stars and moons on the ceiling…. This is a great time to view your “Glow-n-Dark” stars.

Thursday-Put up a tent in your room and have a pretend camp fire under those “Glow-n-Dark” stars… have your parents donate some marshmallows and just have a story time with that favorite Science book on Stars.

Friday- Show and Tell….. Have the children Bring something to do with the Stars, Moon, and Sun and have the Science Center set up with many of your Science books and a sensory of powdered sugar to let them feel what the clouds feel like or maybe the Galaxy…and a sensory with some rocks and sand to let the children feel what the moon may feel like.

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