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The Mexican Grey Wolf Dilemma – Creating a Persuasive Essay with PowerPoint Presentation


Language Arts, Science  


6, 7, 8, 9  

Title – The Mexican Grey Wolf Dilemma
By – Erik Hanchett
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – 6-9


  • This lesson is based on an educational project produced by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Their website is used extensively with our added activities and presentation.
  • If this website is no longer active when you visit it, search for other sites about the Mexican Grey Wolf or other controversial wolf, coyote, condor, ferret, lynx, swift fox, peregrine falcon, red wolf, black bear, etc. endanger wildlife re-introduction programs closer to your area.


Conduct internet research on the Mexican Grey Wolf project and write a persuasive essay.



  • TSS1C1PO1
  • TSS3C2PO2 – 04


  • MSS3C1PO2 – 03
  • MSS4C3PO4 – 05


  • Students will conduct online research about the Arizona-New Mexico wolf re-introduction program.
  • Students will then write a persuasive essay about their stand on the program and email it to the Game and Fish program director.
  • Students are encouraged to come up with a solution to the problem based on internet research.
  • Students are also to make a presentation, i.e. PowerPoint, to go along with the essay.
  • The rough draft will be peer edited by our school’s language arts teacher in her class with the same students.

Resource Link:

Assessment: Six Traits Essay Rubric

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