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Students Mix Food Colors to Dye Eggs in this lesson appropriate for Easter




K, 1, 2  

Title – Mixing Food Colors to Dye Eggs
By – Nicole Lawless
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – K-2
Mixing Food Colors to Dye Eggs

Goals: Students will explore which colors need to be mixed to create desired colors.

Objectives: Using four basic food colors, students will explore which colors need to be used to create the colors they want to dye their Easter eggs.

Materials: hard boiled eggs (one per student), box of food coloring, jars for mixing, water, vinegar, wax crayon, spoons, egg carton or cooling grate for eggs to dry, color wheel

Before the lesson, prepare the jars with water and vinegar and allow students to use wax crayons to write their names on their eggs. 1. Ask students if they know how different colors are created. Discuss the color wheel and how each basic color is mixed to create new colors. 2. Display the jars of vinegar/water mix and follow student suggestions to create several different colors through mixing food colors. If necessary, have a few extra jars for experimentation. 3. Once each color is created, allow students to place their eggs in the color they choose. 4. While the eggs are being dyed, discuss what they have learned about using basic colors to mix and create new colors.

Have fun with this exciting lesson and don’t forget the FUN at the end…….EAT THE EGGS!!!!!!

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