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Compounds are identified by fire in this experiment




9, 10, 11, 12  


Title – Identifying Compounds by Fire
By – Patrick Clark
Primary Subject – Science
Grade Level – 9-12

Flame Test


      Several Crystallized Compounds


      1 Bunsen burner


      Jumbo Paper Clips


    Cold Water Source

1.) Gather some known compounds such as magnesium, lead nitrate, copper nitrate, etc.

2.) Crystallize your compounds.

3.) Obtain a pack of Jumbo Paper clips. Unfold your clips and place them on the table.

4.) Light the Bunsen burner and adjust the flame so that only the blue flame is showing.

5.) Wet the first paper clip and obtain some crystals. Stick in the flame and observe the color change of the flame.

6.) Obtain a new clip and a new compound. Then repeat step 5 until you have tested for all elements.

The following elements usually yield colors similar to this:

Copper bluish green
Sodium Bright Orange
Calcium Brick Red
Lead Blue mixed with white
Lithium Ruby Red

Students would write their observations in lab report specified to your liking.

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