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Title: Evidence of Interactions




3, 4  

Title – Evidence Of Interactions
By – Jamie Rettke
Subject – Science
Grade Level – 3-4

Topic: Forest Ecology, observational skills

Objectives: When asked, the students will:

1.      Participate in a nature walk to explore various examples of interactions in a forest setting

2.      Identify and describe at least one example of plant and/or animal interactions, using four of the five senses


·        Data collection sheet (one for each student)

·        Magnifying glasses (located in FAR Room)

·        Clip boards (located in FAR Room)

·        Writing materials



After the hike, the group will discuss some of their findings.  Explore what may happen if one of those objects were removed from the forest.  (Example: what would happen if trees no longer existed?)  Stress to students that all plant and animal life plays an important roll in the forest to keep a balance.  If one object is removed, the cycle is disrupted.


·        Observations by teaching staff during activity/hike

·        Participation during hike and questions/discussions

·        Student data collection sheet

Indoor alternative:

Recipe for A Forest

Other Activities:

Meet A Tree

Students are paired up.  Person A is blindfolded.  Person B will guide them to a tree of their choice.  Once there, the blindfolded person must use their senses to “get to know their tree”.  They may touch it, smelling, hold it, etc.  Student may also want to feel the surroundings a bit as well.  Once finished, they are lead back to the starting spot by person B. There, they are un-blind folded and asked if they can now, using vision, find their tree.  After doing so, the students will trade repeat the activity.

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