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Need a general science filler lesson for the substitute, try this one




5, 6  

Title – General Science Knowledge
By – Saru
Primary Subject – Science
Grade Level – 5-6

This is a good activity to leave for the substitute. Have students use the computer or the library (encyclopedias, dictionaries, science books, etc.) to look up the following branches of science, scientists and their inventions, and space science history. Then, if there is time, have them add five more to each list and trade papers.


1. Physiology —- The science of the process of the life of animals and plants.
2. Dermatology —- The study that treats diseases of the skin.
3. Volocanology —- The study of volcanoes.
4. Ophthalmology —- The study of eyes.
5. Ornithology —- The study of birds.
6. Psychology —- The study of the mind.
7. Meteorology —- The study of weather and climate.
8. Astronomy —- The study of the position of the stars and planets.


1. Isaac Newton —- Gravitational Force
2. Thomas Alva Edison —- Electric Light Bulb, Phonograph
3. Alexander Graham Bell —- Telephone
4. Wright Brothers —- Airplane
5. Marconi or Tesla —- Radio (controversy here)
6. Alexander Fleming —- Penicillin
7. Edward Jenner —- Vaccine to prevent small pox
8. J.L. Baird —- Television
9. Sir. C. V. Raman —- Raman Effect
10. Madam Curie —- Radium
11. Albert Einstein —- Theory of Relativity
12. James Watt —- Steam Engine
13. Galileo —- Telescope

(Multi-cultural) SPACE SCIENCE

1. Who was the first man to enter into space?
Valentine Tereshkova

2. The first man to land on the moon is —————-?
Neil Armstrong

3. The first cosmonaut was —————
Yuri Gagarin

4. The first country to send man to the moon?

5. The first country to send spacecraft to explore Jupiter?

6. Name given to the Russian Space travelers?

7. The first Indian to fly in space?
Rakesh Sharma

8. India’s first scientific satellite?

9. Link up in space by manned space ships?
Apollo – Soyuz Project Mission

10. Space Centre near Madras, India

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