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This idea is called “Guess The Animal” using Animal Sounds






Title – Guess the animal
By – Debbie Haren
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – PreK
animals songs on a tape
tape player

Have children listen to one of the animal sounds and then shut off the tape. ask the children if any of them know what the sound is. If they need a hint tell them it is an animal. After someone guesses the animal play the next animal sound and then continue on this way until you are done with all the animals on the tape. The place to get the animal sounds would be from animal shows on T.V.. Just record them right off the show when the animals make sounds. You might also be able to find animal sound tapes but it would be less expensive to make them yourself!!

To help children recognize sounds that animals make. To learn to listen to sounds. To use their sense of hearing to figure out the animals that makes that sound.
Let children take turns making animals sounds and the other children try to figure out what the animals is.
They can even act out the animal if they would prefer. Some examples might be a monkey, elephant, cat and dog!

Read a story about animal sounds and that this is how animals communicate with each other. Just like we talk to each other.

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