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A lesson plan that looks at how Sound Travels Through Objects




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Title – How sound travels through different materials
By – Molly Rexford
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 2-3
1. Students will work in groups researching sound.
2. Students will test different materials.
3. Students will discover which materials sound will travel through.

small ticking alarm clock
paper bag
glass jar W/lid
plastic bag with water in it
shoebox w/ newspaper in it
metal can
science exploration books
worksheets w/ chart of materials

1. Divide your class into two groups. One group will explore with the science book and write down facts, while the other group is working with the teacher in an exploration circle. The two groups will switch activities and complete both.

2. In the exploration circle, the teacher will talk with the students about predicting and observing. The students will predict whether or not they think the sound of the ticking clock will travel through glass, paper, metal, water, air, and wood. They will write down predictions and then the teacher will help them test this out and observe what really happens. Then the students will write down what they actually observed.

3. After both groups have completed the two stations, the teacher will discuss with the class their findings and results to the testing.

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