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Here is a lesson on the human genome project




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Title – Human Genome Project
By – Megan Boldt
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Math, Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 2-5
Human Genome Project

1.To teach the students about Human Genome Project
2.To get students thinking outside of the box

Discuss with the students how the human genomes map out who we are. The scientists had to crack open a code to map out the genomes.

Give the students codes to crack such as
Ewe Ken Dew N E ting (You can do anything)
Or numeric alphabet codes.
*If a computer is available in the classroom, make a PowerPoint “Secret Mission”

Students should be able to understand how to think about things in a new way..

Students should not necessarily be evaluated on whether or not they cracked the code, but rather if they understand after the codes are explained.

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