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Kool-Aid and pancakes are used here to demonstrate physical and chemical changes






Title – Physical vs. Chemical Changes
By – Ed Morehead
Primary Subject – Science
Grade Level – 8

In order to distinguish between physical and chemical changes, we study the fact that physical changes involve something physical about the material. Physical changes can be reversed rather simply. Chemical changes involve changing the substance’s chemical make-up.

Objective: To illustrate the difference between physical and chemical changes.


      1. one empty milk jug.


      2. one package of Kool-Aid per 2 quarts of water.


      3. sugar enough to sweeten the Kool-Aid.


      4. milk


      5. eggs


      6. Bisquick


      7. whisk


      8. bowl


    9. griddle


      Mix water, Kool-Aid and sugar. Explain that this is a mixture that can be reversed through the evaporation – condensation process, thus a physical change. Allow students to taste Kool-Aid.
    Mix water, Bisquick and eggs according to package directions and make pancakes. Allow students to eat pancakes. Since you cannot change the pancakes back into pancake batter, this is considered a chemical change.

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