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This A-Z endangered animal research project requires a triorama of creative writing projects


Language Arts, Science  


4, 5, 6, 7, 8  

Title – Endangered Animals
By – Laura Friedman
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – 4-8


  1. Choose one of the endangered animals listed next to the first letter of your first name.
    (Example: Mike chooses Monk seal or Manatee .)
    A Addax or American crocodile
    B Bandicoot or Blue whale
    C Chinchilla or California condor
    D Desman or Dhole
    E Echidna or Elephant (African or Asian)
    F Fossa or Ferret (black footed)
    G Giant panda or Golden Frog
    H Hawksbill turtle or Hyacinth macaw
    I Ibex or Iberian lynx
    J Jaguar or Japanese crane
    K Knysna seahorse or Kakapo
    L Lesser panda or Leadbeater’s possum
    M Monk seal or Manatee (West Indian)
    N Northern right whale or Night parrot
    O Orangutan or Ocelot
    P Platypus or Penguin (Galapagos)
    Q Quagga or Quetzal
    R Red wolf or Red-kneed tarantula
    S Sable or Snow leopard
    T Tpir or Tiger
    U Uakari
    V Vaquita or Volcanoe rabbit
    W Whooping crane or Woolly spider monkey
    X Xenopoecilus
    Y Yak or Yellow-throated marten
    Z Zapata or Zebra (grevys)
  2. For the animal you have selected, you need to do the following:
    1. Write a research paper using the school or public library, internet, encyclopedia, etc. as a source for your information..
      Include the following information:
      • Explain what type of animal it is. Include facts about the animal.
      • Describe where in the world it is located and in what type of environment.
      • Explain the reasons why it might become extinct.
      • Explain what is being done to try and save the species.
      • Tell your thoughts on the species and ways you think it can be saved.
      • Include pictures.
      • Include a title page.
    2. Do the following to make a triorama:
      • Write a cinquain poem about your animal.
      • Draw a picture of your animal in the wild.
      • Make a fact sheet about your animal.
      • Write a fiction/non-fiction duo story.

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