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Using the book, “The Magpies’ Nest,” this lesson teaches how Birds Build Nests and allows students to Build Nests


Language Arts, Science  


K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Making a Nest Like the Magpies’
By – Amanda Thompson
Subject – Science, Language Arts
Grade Level – K-3
This lesson uses the children’s book “The Magpies’ Nest” to teach students how birds build nests

— To have students learn about how birds make a nest.
— To have student create an art project of a bird’s nest

Materials Needed:
— Brown lunch bags
— Glue
— Nesting Materials – sticks, grass, paper, leaves, etc. (these can be gathered ahead of time, or the students could take a short trip outside to gather some of the materials)

1. Read “The Magpies’ Nest” to students (or have them read) and discuss. Focus the conversation on how the magpies’ built their nest
2. Have students take their seats and cover work areas with newspaper. Give each student a bag and instruct them to fold the top edges all the way around, and roll them inward until they reach the bottom. This is the base for the nest
3. Distribute nesting materials (or have students gather them). Students should glue their materials on to make a nest.

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