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This is an idea for teaching melting that uses the book “Snowballs”


Language Arts, Science  


K, 1  

Title – Snowball family
By – Debbie Haren
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – K-1
small pieces of yarn
small strips of cloth
a circle pattern of small medium and large
craft sticks (or tongue depressors)
the book “Snowballs” by Louis Ehler

Read the book “Snowballs” to the children. Talk about the different kinds of snow families in the book. The mom and dad and even the pets! Talk about the animals that were in the book and how they survive during winter. Ask the children if they can think about other things that melt! Have them list them on a piece of paper. Some examples might be crayons and candles.

Next have them trace three different size circles to make a snow person. They can do this on scraps of wallpaper that is white or on white construction paper. Then have them glue the three circles together. Small, medium, large to make a snowperson. Then with markers they can make eyes, ears and a nose for the snowperson. To add a special touch have them use strips of cloth for a scarf and a hat. Then have them use the pieces of yarn to make hair! They can also get beads of sequins for the buttons and small sticks for the arms! They turn out very cute and everyone loves them!

Objectives: To learn more about things that melt. To make a snowperson using small motor skills. To listen to a story and relate it to a craft project.

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