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“Taking Care of the Earth” is also a four seasons lesson plan


Language Arts, Science  


2, 3, 4, 5, 6  

Title – Taking Care of the Earth
By – Elizabeth Parker
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – 2-6 DP

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Science Standards:

      A9C: Identify ways that the Earth can provide resources for life


    A6B: Record observation about parts of a plant including leaves, stems, and flowers

Learning Objective(s):

    The student will be able to:

    • recite the four seasons without the teacher’s help after reading Four Seasons
    • write high frequency words on paper with help of reading rods in five minutes
    • construct and answer questions of the high frequency words and worksheet after spelling out words with teacher

List of Materials Needed:

  1. Four Seasons book
  2. Comprehension worksheet
  3. Reading rods
  4. White boards
  5. High frequency words
  6. Word fishing game
  7. Word worksheet
  8. Pencils and white erase board markers
  9. Materials for making a simple wind chime (optional)

Pre-Activity Preparation:

  1. Make sure you have enough copies of Four Seasons
  2. Create and make copies of a comprehension worksheet.


    Have students check and change their schedules and have them ready for the lesson.

Establishing Set/Motivation/Introduction:

  • Start by going over the calendar together before you start the lesson.
  • Have students talk about what goes on in the seasons.

Learning Experience/Presentation/Procedure:

  1. Getting Ready:
    • Pass out the “Four Seasons” book
    • Have students read the book all together
    • Ask questions throughout the book
  2. Introduce high frequency words and make words with reading rods
  3. Spelling Activity :
    • Answer questions about the comprehensive worksheet
    • Write new words on worksheet
    • Get white board and spell out words together
  4. Fishing Word Game :
    • Use high frequency words and play game
    • Have student say the word and use it in a sentence
  5. If time allows, let students make a seasons wind chime


    Have students tell the one thing they learned about the seasons that they liked the most.

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