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This is a weather vocabulary lesson developed for ELD students


Language Arts, Science  



Title – (ELD) Lesson on “Weather” Vocabulary
By – Robert Arias
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subject – Language Arts Grade Level – 4

Using the “Adventures” curriculum (Hampron Brown), Unit 3, Theme 1 – “The Storm.” – Selection: “Twister.”

Photo cards of various weather patterns (provided by the supplemental package of HB or you can make your own).


      Hand-out a picture to each one of 12-16 students.

      Have them face the classroom, showing the picture without revealing the vocabulary word printed on back.
      Ask for volunteers to raise their hand and tell what they think the proper word is for describing what the weather is on the picture being shown (you may choose at random or go in sequential order).
      If they guess correctly, the card is turned around, and the student holding it tells the class what the word is. The students repeat in unison. The card is handed back to the teacher, and then the student that was holding it sits down (process of elimination).
      The challange is to try to guess ALL of them. The student holding the card which is not discernable to anyone in the class, can only answer questions with a yes or no response to clue finding questions.
    The process is repeated until all the cards are guessed effectively, or until the class can no longer identify what the weather pattern(s) is(are).

Teaching tips: Not ALL weather patterns are experienced in ALL parts of the country. Be ready to explain the unknown.

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