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Writing Applications – students write original songs on to save the Bats/Clapper Rails from extinction


Computers & Internet, Language Arts, Math, Music, Science  



Title – The Incredible Yuma Bat and Clapper Rail – Writing Applications
By – Brenda E. Wilson
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Music, Language Arts, Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 6

Period of Time: One-half month unit of study

Purpose: to introduce to the students the wonderful world of Bats and Clapper Rails.

Language Arts Standards:
Strand 3: Writing Applications
Concept 1: Expressive
Expressive writing includes personal narratives, stories, poetry, songs, and dramatic pieces. Writing may be based on real or imagined events.

PO 1. Write a narrative that includes:

      a. an engaging plot based on imagined or real ideas, observations, or memories of an event or experience

      b. effectively developed characters

      c. a clearly described setting

      d. dialogue, as appropriate

    e. figurative language, or descriptive words and phrases to enhance style and tone.

PO 2. Write in a variety of expressive forms (e.g., poetry, skit) that, according to mode, employ:

      a. figurative language

      b. rhythm

      c. dialogue

      d. characterization

      e. plot

    f. appropriate format

Other Subjects that will be integrated: Art and Music, English

Materials: Computer to collect data and write the songs and print it up.

Objective: A P The students will be able to write personally in figurative language verses in the songs of both the bat and clapper rail.

Anticipatory Set: They will also collect data to write a poem describing the similarities of the bat and clapper rail as well as the differences. They will elaborate in a skit how to save the bat and clapper rail from extinction and the importance of their salvation.

In this lesson, students will write their own songs about the Bats and Clapper Rails and how we can save them from extinction. The teacher will give the entire class the Vocabulary Words that were collected by group one and placed on the Vocabulary Board. With these words the students must use one in there songs as well as the definition to that word. When they have finished their songs they will be performing them in their class final day presentation and the best song will win a prize for originality and emphasis on saving these wonderful species. Also on the computer they will do a power point of their songs with the images of the Bat and Clapper Rail as art forms to be judged as well for creativeness.

Accommodations: There will be the same assignments in Braille, and Sign Language charts.

* Abbreviations for
Cognitive = C, Assistive = A, Psychomotor = P

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