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Writing Process Planning – students describe “Stellaluna” plot components and a cultural theme


Language Arts, Science  



Title – The Incredible Yuma Bat and Clapper Rail – Writing Process Planning
By – Brenda E. Wilson
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – 6

Period of Time: One-half month unit of study

Purpose: to introduce to the students the wonderful world of Bats and Clapper Rails.

Language Arts Standards:
Concept 1 – Elements of Literature:
PO 1. Describe the plot and its components (e.g., main events, conflict, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution). Other Subjects that will be integrated: History Science Technology

Materials: Books Objective: C The students will read Stellaluna which describes the cultural emphasis towards the diversities among the Mexican American societies.

Anticipatory Set: That bring into a rising conflict of biases when it comes to fearing bats that suck blood from their victims. These climax into the assumption that all bats are dangerous and that they will suck you dry of your blood leaving you to die.

This will be a whole class endeavor where all students will read the book Stellaluna and discuss why it is so important. The teacher will have each student read their book and then do a book report about what they read and to add more meaning as to how this applies to endangered species. The students will also locate in the book plots why the Bat is so feared and draw a Bat sucking blood from an animal.

Accommodations: There will be the same assignments in Braille, and Sign Language charts.

* Abbreviations for
Cognitive = C, Assistive = A, Psychomotor = P

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