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Writing Process Prewriting – students contrast bats and clapper rails using a Venn Diagram


Language Arts, Math, Science  




Title – The Incredible Yuma Bat and Clapper Rail – Writing Process Prewriting
By – Brenda E. Wilson
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Math, Language Arts
Grade Level – 6

Period of Time: One-half month unit of study

Purpose: to introduce to the students the wonderful world of Bats and Clapper Rails.

Language Arts Standards:
Strand 1: Writing Process
Concept 1: Prewriting
PO 5. Use organizational strategies (e.g., outline, chart, table, graph, Venn Diagram, web, story map, plot pyramid) to plan writing.

Materials: Chart of Venn Diagram with a bat and bird on it. Pencils, Computer of Mathematical Venn Diagrams displayed with numbers to place in the appropriate sections

Objective: P C The students will be able to describe the similarities between the bat and clapper rail with a Venn Diagram.

Other Subjects that will be integrated: Mathematics

Anticipatory Set: The students will also formulate a hypothesis of why there are also absolute differences in both the bat and clapper rail. The students will be collecting data that is found in the Venn Diagram as an exercise in mathematical concepts.
This lesson will introduce Venn Diagrams. This graph contains the principals of opposites and equals. The two circles that intertwine have in the cross section the similarities and the outside parts show the differences. The teacher will show the Venn Diagram and will place in the appropriate sections what each animal characteristic applies there. The students then will have to make another Venn Diagram with some other kind of mathematical expression inside it.

Accommodations: There will be the same assignments in Braille, and Sign Language charts.

* Abbreviations for
Cognitive = C, Assistive = A, Psychomotor = P

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