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Writing Process Publishing – students create computer graphs showing the population rise


Language Arts, Math, Science  




Title – The Incredible Yuma Bat and Clapper Rail – Writing Process Publishing
By – Brenda E. Wilson
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Math, Language Arts
Grade Level – 6

Period of Time: One-half month unit of study

Purpose: to introduce to the students the wonderful world of Bats and Clapper Rails.

Language Arts Standards:
Strand 1: Writing Process
Concept 5: Publishing
Publishing includes formatting and presenting a final product for the intended audience.
PO 3. Use graphics (e.g., drawings, charts, graphs), when applicable, to enhance the final product.

Other Subjects that will be integrated: Mathematics Technology

Materials: Graphs both digitally and on paper, Protractor, Compass, Pencil

Objective: P C The students will be able to construct graphic designs that show the bat and clapper rail as endangered species and the recuperation of their populations from extinction.

Anticipatory Set: These graphs will show from the time their populations were almost extinct and the current day graphs of their populations now.

The third group will be in charge of formulating graphs with a computer as well as by hand from the collections of how to save the Bat and Clapper Rail from extinction. They will do a feasibility report that will show to all people who value life that this plan can and will work for the benefit of saving these two species. This first day they will be assigned to get all the information needed for the graphs. The teacher will also guide them on the correct procedures of collection and where to get these data’s from.

Accommodations: There will be the same assignments in Braille, and Sign Language charts.

* Abbreviations for
Cognitive = C, Assistive = A, Psychomotor = P

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