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This one uses the book “Fang The Dentist” and is about Going to the Dentist


Language Arts, Science  



Title – Dentist Day
By – Amy
Subject – Language Arts, Science
Grade Level – Kindergarten
Read the book “Fang the Dentist.” Talk about how the boy felt about going to the dentist and how he let his imagination get away from him. Talk about other situations where the children have let their imagination get the best of them. Let the children share stories about how they felt the first time they went to the dentist and what was their experience like. Use writing and illustration paper for the next part of the lesson. Encourage students to use word walls and their phonetic skills to sound out words. Have the children write a one to two sentence about their first dentist experience. Then, have the children illustrate what they wrote about. Recap again about the boys feelings in the book and their feelings. Have the children share their stories. Hang them out for everyone to see under the heading “Our Day at the Dentist.”

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