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Tooth Brushing and Keeping Decay Away are discussed here





Title – Keep tooth decay away!
By – Amy
Subject – Science
Grade Level – Kindergarten
Talk to the children about what they think will happen to their teeth if they do not brush them at night and in the morning. Read the book Bearinstein Bears Visit the Dentist. Talk about sister bears fears and brother bears visit. Did they brush well? Why do they think they got the good results they did? How should you brush your teeth? What is the proper way? Have enough hard boiled eggs so that each child can have one. Fill a cup with a dark soda. Tell the children we are going to pretend that the egg is their tooth. Ask them to gently put the egg into the dark soda. Tell them the soda represents candy, soda, etc. Things that are bad for their teeth. You can also brainstorm this between good things and bad. Leave the eggs in the soda overnight. The next day, have the children see what happened to the eggs. (They will turn brown) Ask them why they think this happened. Have the children take a toothbrush and toothpaste and gently brush their “tooth” clean. You can easily save toothbrushes year to year. I have gone to the dollar store and gotten 20 brushes for 10 dollars and save them each year. They are amazed at how the egg looks when they come back the next day and realize that good brushing is a priority.

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