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The book “What Do Fairies Do With All Those Teeth” is used in this lesson





Title – What do the Tooth Fairies Do With Teeth?
By – Amy
Subject – Science
Grade Level – Kindergarten
Before reading the book – “What Do Fairies Do With All Those Teeth,” ask the children what they think the tooth fairy does with all the teeth he/she collects. Is there more than one? If so, where do they live? What do they look like? Read the book. After reading discuss what the book implies that the fairies do with all the teeth. Which ones do they think are true. Which ones not true. Did they have any better suggestions for the tooth fairies. Make a tooth necklace for each child. The children can use their measuring skills in math to help out. Mix 1 cup flour, 1/4 cup salt, 1/4 cup clear glitter, 1/3 cup water. Knead the dough to get out any lumps. Have each child flatten a ball of dough. With a finger have them make a dent at the bottom of the flatten ball. Make a small hole at the top of the tooth with a drinking straw. Bake at 250 for an hour or until hard. When each tooth has cooled insert a piece of yarn long enough so that the child can wear it around their neck. The glitter adds a glimmer to the tooth – it is not a necessary ingredient but it looks great. Wear the necklaces for all to see!

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