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Students observe the life cycle of a flowering plant grown from seed over a period of time in this “5E” lesson plan




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Title – Life Cycle of a Plant (A 5E lesson)

By – Tania Yap

Primary Subject – Science

Grade Level – 2-3


    Life Cycle of Plants


  • At the end of the lesson, pupils will:

    • be able to name the conditions suitable for the growth of a seed and a plant
    • plant a seed and begin to observe the complete life cycle of flowering plants grown from seeds over a period of time


  • Concepts:

    • Plants have life cycles.
    • Plant goes through stages of growth and development that includes seed, young plant, and adult plant.

  • Teacher brings in a real live plant. Teacher ask pupils:

    • What are the parts of a plant
    • Which part do they think is the beginning part of the plant
    • What do they think are the stages of a plant cycle


  • In groups, pupils will plant the seeds.

  • Before going to the plot, brief pupils on:

    • plot assigned (A to H)
    • collection of gardening tools
    • digging soil, planting seed, installing plastic labels


  • Concepts:

    • Seeds needs air, water and warmth.
    • Plants need air, water, sunlight and nutrients in order to live and thrive.

  • Students name the factors that seeds will need to grow into an adult plant.


  • Teacher asks pupils:

    • What happens if there is no watering?
    • In places where farmers grow crops, what happens if there is a drought?
    • If I grow the seed in the cupboard, will it germinate?


  • Mini True/False quiz to assess today’s understanding.

  • Brief pupils on their ongoing assignment:

  • Over the weeks, pupils will:

    • note down when they have watered their plant
    • measure the heights of the plant during its growth.
    • keep a journal to illustrate each stage of growth


Tania Yap


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