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This portion involves Making a Magnet





Title – Magnetism – Making a Magnet
By – Gareth Wicker
Subject – Science
Grade Level – 2nd grade

Content Overview:
From this lesson, the students will see that a magnetically-attracted item can be made into a magnet. Students will also see that the homemade magnet can be weakened.

Materials and preparation:
magnets and scissors (one for each pair – about 11 pairs), paper clips, magnetically attracted items from lesson 1
non-attracted magnetic item, pencil, paper (student provided)

items from lesson 1 are on the round table for intro, as well as the magnets and scissors; paper clips are passed out later

Time: 1hr. 5 min.
Learning Outcomes:
TSWBAT – demonstrate an understanding of magnetism by magnetizing a pair of scissors to pick up magnetically attracted items
– demagnetize a magnetically-induced item
– work successfully in pairs to record the strength (and weakening) of a homemade magnet by successfully completing trial experiments
– demonstrate an understanding of magnetic strength by discussing their trials in class and in learning journals

NCSS Standards
Physical Science – properties of objects and materials (strength of magnets)
– magnetism (inducing/reducing)
Science as Inquiry – abilities necessary to do inquiry (predict and test)
– understanding about scientific inquiry (analyzing predictions and results)
History and Nature of Science Standards – science as a human endeavor (create a magnet for many items)

Intro: Ask class how you can pick up a paper clip with a pair of scissors without putting the points through the loop or opening the scissors.
– Call up one ST from each reading pair to get some paper clips and a pair of scissors
– Pairs attempt mentioned task

Now, does anyone know how you could make this easier? How about with a magnet?
The magnet has to be away from the paper clip. [Give each group a magnet.]

After attempting the task, ST place magnet under desk [keep their hands off]
Ask what attracts the metal in the scissors to the magnet. Explain you can make a magnet out of the scissors.

Explain instructions completely before letting ST attempt it

[rub magnet over scissors 10-12 times in one direction, lifting after each time. Explain process as T is doing it, then pick up a paper clip with the new magnet. Ask if ST think that rubbing the magnet more times over the scissors will make the new magnet stronger.
[Tell ST they’ll find out by making their own magnet.]

Explain process
Pass paper – 1 sheet for each group and several paper clips
group – 1 tester, 1 writer

Tester rubs scissors several times in the proper manner, then tests how many paper clips it picks up. Writer records number of trial, number of times scissors are rubbed, and number of paper clips picked up.

Groups do at least 5 trials
After trials, discuss lesson as a class [all items stay on desk]
questions to consider – Could you pick up paper clips more easily?
Could you pick up more paper clips if you took the magnet over the scissors more times?

Do you know how you could demagnetize the scissors?
– lightly slap scissors in palm
– won’t completely get rid of the attraction, but it will make if weaker

Repeat trial process with demagnetizing label paper: number of trial, number of scissor slaps, number of paper clips
5 more trials

After trials, ask why ST think this weakens the magnet

Close: Pass out sheet of paper – 1 piece to each group
– Write your observations on this activity
– Pairs work to write a learning journal together
possible questions:
What happened when the magnet was taken over the scissors (and when you slapped it in your palm?
What was the difference when you took the magnet over the scissors more times (and when you slapped the scissors more times?)
Why would rubbing the magnet over the scissors strengthen the scissors’ magnetic attraction (and why would slapping weaken it?)
What items could created magnets be used for?

Magnets Everywhere

Magnets, magnets here and there
Magnets, magnets everywhere

They come in horseshoes
They come in bars
They’re on refrigerators
And in your cars

They pick up metals
(but not every one)
But whatever they do
They sure are fun.

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