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In this changes in matter lesson, students go outdoors to make slushies




K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Making Slushies! Changes in Matter
By – Mina Bellia
Primary Subject – Science
Grade Level – K-3


      This lesson goes well when teaching children about the phases of matter, and how matter can change by taking away or adding heat.
    It is best to do this activity outdoors, and it’s lots of fun for the kids. A good way to incorporate some physical movement with science.


  • Gallon ziploc bags, 1 per child
  • Sandwich-size ziploc bags, 1 per child
  • Bottle of Hawaiian Punch
  • Straws
  • Rock Salt (used for making ice cream)
  • Lots of ice!!

Teacher preparation:

    Pour about 1/2 cup juice in each of the small ziploc bags. Zip them tight!


      1. Each students gets a gallon-size bag.


      2. Place the small bag of juice inside it.


      3. Fill the large bag 3/4 full of ice.


      4. Throw in a handful of rock salt.


    5. Zip up the bag…and shake, shake, SHAKE!


      (It takes about 2 -3 minutes of shaking to get a good, thick slushie consistency.)
      I set up each supply they need at a different table (big bag, juice bag, ice, and rock salt & straws.) My class lined up and picked up each item as they walked by. I was at the ice station filling up their bags with ice.
      When you have made your slushie, take it out of the big bag and discard ice. Open slushie bag enough to get the straw in and drink it up!
    The kids really enjoy this activity, I highly recommend it.


    Make sure the juice bags are sealed good, otherwise rock salt may get into slushie, blah!

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