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A collection of activites to introduce Mammals to young students





Title – Mammals
By – Judith Acra
Subject – Science
Grade Level – First Grade
Lesson Purpose: Students will be introduced to Mammals. This lesson can be enhanced using Internet sites on Mammals. Many great sites can be found using Ask Jeeves or Yahooligans!.

Lesson Objectives:

1. Students will be able to identify three common characteristics of most Mammals: have hair or fur; have 2 or 4 legs; babies are born live.

2. Students will be able to name 3 Mammals and tell a fact about each one.

3. Students will be able to identify which animal is a Mammal when shown 2 animal pictures.

4. Students will draw a picture of their favorite Mammal and describe it to the class.

Core Lesson Plan Activities:

Lesson Activity #1 (Introduction)

Introduce new science unit on animals. Ask students to name animals they know. List animal. Introduce term: Mammals. Use web sites or books to find, print, or draw pictures of Mammals. Have students use word processor to type out animal names. Post pictures and names on bulletin board.

Lesson Activity #2

Ask students to look at pictures and tell what is the same about all the animals. Lead discussion to identify that Mammals have fur and 2 or 4 legs. Review each picture to discuss animal names, type of fur and number of legs. Encourage students to find or draw more Mammal pictures to post on the bulletin board.

Lesson Activity #3

Tell students a third characteristic of Mammals is that the babies are born live. Discuss difference between “egg laying” and “live bearing”. Return to the web sites or books and find pictures of baby Mammals to print or draw and label. Add pictures to the bulletin board.

Lesson Activity #4

Review animal names, characteristics of Mammals. Ask students to name three mammals. After being shown 2 animal pictures, students will identify the one that is a mammal. Class will return to the web sites or books to look for facts about each mammal. Each student will copy down a fact the describes two or three of the mammals.

Lesson Activity #5

Teacher will read a fact from previous activity. Students will take turns identifying which Mammal the fact describes.

Lesson Activity #6 (Wrap Up)

Each student will draw a picture of their favorite Mammal. Students will tell class what they have learned about their animal. Return to list of animals students created in the beginning of the lesson. Highlight the animals that are mammals.

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