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Here’s a lesson for Valentine’s Day called Love Bugs, used to discuss Bugs


Computers & Internet, Math, Science  



Title – Love Bug
By – Amy
Subject – Math, Science, Computers & Internet
Grade Level – Kindergarten
Children will use their math skills to count the correct amount of ingredients needed. Children will follow directions. Children will explore different kinds of bugs.

Read the book – Love Bugs. Talk about the difference in some of the bugs on the pages. (Some have wings, some don’t, etc.) Use your internet resources to explore different kinds of bugs or use your encarta encyclopedia on your computer. Look up all kinds of bugs; familiar and unfamiliar. Chart their differences and their similarities. After your exploration make a love bug that is edible. Use on red jelly heart per child, 2 candy conversation hearts, 1 sandwich oreo top or bottom broken in half. You may want to do this. Take the jelly heart and attach the conversation hearts with a dap of frosting close to the point of the jelly heart. Turn the heart so the point is upwards. Attach the oreo halves with a dap of frosting for wings. One on each side. Buzz around with your bug and enjoy. This lesson is great for Valentine’s Day or just a Science lesson.

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