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Plant Transpiration – Plants Sweat Too!


Computers & Internet, Science  


6, 7, 8  

Title – Plant Transpiration – Plants Sweat Too!
By – Erik Hanchett
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects – Computers & Internet
Grade Level – 6-8


Students will identify the factors and processes of plant transpiration in context of the water cycle.



  • TSS1C1PO1
  • TSS1C2PO1
  • TSS1C2PO2
  • TSS1C3PO2
  • TSS6C2PO3


  • MSS1C2PO3
  • MSS1C2PO5


  • Students will be divided into teams.
  • Each team is given a plastic sandwich bag and some string.
  • Students proceed outside to search the campus for various types of trees and shrubs.
  • Next, students put the baggie around a small branch with leaves and tie the string around the branch tightly so water vapor cannot escape.
  • Now the students record observations and collect plant type and location data. If several trials can be done, the observations will be more accurate.
  • After a day or two, students return to the plants and collect the baggies with water inside from transpiration.
  • Then in the lab, students can measure the amount of water each plant produced .
  • Students can weigh the leaves of the plant that were inside the baggie.
  • Now they can calculate how many milliliters of water was produced per gram of leaf material.
  • Students will also complete the online virtual lab (link below) that tests various factors of plant transpiration (if available).
  • Students write down data on a spreadsheet that is then automatically graphed.
  • Students also write down answers to questions in the electronic journal that is then emailed to the instructor.
  • Students also conduct a sister outdoor lab capturing water from trees and bushes around campus.

Virtual Lab Link:


  • Outdoor lab data and graph
  • Program graph and journal

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