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This lesson plan is on melting snow and thermometers


Math, Science  


PreK, K, 1, 2  

Title – The Melting Snow
By – Emma
Subject – Science, Math
Grade Level – PreK-2
Objectives: To get a brief understanding of the thermometer. To get an understanding of liquid and solids.

You have to do this when it is snowing.
Equipment: A glass
A thermometer

Procedure: Take the children outside and fill the glass with snow. Place the thermometer in the glass and show them what the temperature is. Take the children and the glass back inside and have them sit in a circle with the glass in the middle. While they are sitting in the circle explain briefly about the melting and freezing point. After about 5 minutes the snow should have melted. Let them observe how the snow has changed and the new temperature.
If it is in the summer and you want to do this activity you can use crushed ice instead of snow. (Ice cubes take too long to melt)

Follow-up activity: Have a talk about how you can change different things into liquid by heating.

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