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Here you can teach Art Concepts using Rocks


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Title – Art concepts using rocks
By – Scott Dan
Subject – Science, Art
Grade Level – 1st – 2nd
Concept: integrating science and art activities
Activities: First, read a book about the different kinds of rocks. Then set up the following centers:
1. The students will use the rocks that they have collected outside to make rock prints on white construction paper and tempera paint.
2. The students will make rock rubbings with a pencil and lightweight, white printer paper. This can be done with the rocks that are already collected, or the students can go outside to do this activity.
3. Use small, colored rocks that can be bought at a hobby store or pet shop and glue them on to heavy tag board paper to either make a picture of one large rock, or to create a scene of their choice.
4. Use different kinds of rocks that will create a streak to form a picture.

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