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This part is on Native Americans and their Rock Art


Art, Science, Social Studies  


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Title – Native American rock designs
By – Scott Dan
Subject – Science, Social Studies, Art
Grade Level – 1st – 2nd
Concept: Integrating Social Studies and Science
Topic: Native American Rock Art
Goal: Students will be introduced to the concept of Native Americans and their life style.
Students will also be introduced to how they drew on rocks to communicate as we
use paper today.
Preparation: None
1. Each day the teacher will read one chapter from the book, “Native American Rock Art: Messages from the Past,” by Yvette La Pierre. Each of these chapters can be used to create a lesson for that day. There are six chapters in this book, and if two chapters are read each week, then the book will last approximately 3 weeks. The teacher will adjust the pace of their study as he/she sees fit.
2. Another book that may be read to the class is, “Stories in Stone: Rock Art Pictures by Early Americans,” by Caroline Arnold.
3. Other stories about Native Americans can also be found and utilized.

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