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Similar to the one above, this one is on Native American Rock Designs


Science, Social Studies  


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Title – Native Americans and rock designs
By – Scott Dan
Subject – Science, Social Studies
Grade Level – 1st – 2nd
Concept: Introducing Native Americans

1. World map
2. A pictures of glaciers, snow, sleet (may be made by the children)
3. A picture of wolves, caribou and foxes
4. A picture of the first Americans
5. A picture of plants and small animals
6. A long stick used as a spear
7. Pictures of beans, corn, squash, and any other vegetable
8. Clay pots, spare clothing
9. A rock that has been painted
10. Book, “Native American Rock Art: Messages from the Past,” by Yvette La Pierre

1. Have the children create the pictures listed above. If the children break into pairs, then each pair of children can work on developing one item. The other items, (world map, clay pots, clothing, painted rock, spear) may be gathered by the teacher.
2. Begin to read the first chapter in the book. Pause frequently to refer to the world map and to explain any difficult words.
3. Once the teacher has finished reading the story once, ask the children to get their pictures and sit next to their partner. Ask for four volunteers to hold the spear, clay pot, painted rock, and spare clothing.
4. Ask the children to listen to the story once again and when they hear a part of the story that is talking about their picture, they may come up to the front of the room and act out that part.
5. The teacher is to read the book very slowly, letting each person or group have sufficient time to act out words in the story.
6. When done, review the following vocabulary with the children. The vocabulary is not intended as spelling words, but only to introduce those words and their meanings to the children.
a. Native Americans: First Americans to walk on our continent.
b. Ice Age: A really cold period in time. Many animals died out because of the weather.
c. Spear-thrower: A powerful tool used to hunt animals with.
d. Glaciers: Large mountains of ice.
e. Culture: A group of people and their tools, language, arts, and beliefs
f. Environment: weather (climate), food sources, and terrain (the different kinds of land)

Note: This particular lesson does not strongly address the central theme of inspecting rocks, however it is the introductory lesson that is necessary for beginning the discussion of Native Americans and how they used rock drawings to communicate. Further lessons will be developed that will allow children to create their own rock drawings and using those drawing to create messages and languages. Other lessons to be included are the following: to use flint to create sparks (outside), discuss the different harnesses of rocks and how rock drawings are affected by those harnesses, discussing the age of rocks, and the weathering of rocks.

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