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This part deals with “Pet Rocks”


Art, Science  


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Title – Pet Rocks
By – Scott Dan
Subject – Science, Art
Grade Level – 1st – 2nd
Concept: Creating pet rocks, journal writing, artistic expression
Grade: 1st
Materials: paper, rocks, cotton, variety of sizes of wiggly eyes, hot glue gun, permanent
markers, string, pipe cleaners, felt, and any other art material.
Preparation: None
1. Take the children out rock collecting. Ask them to find one rock that has at least one flat side and is about the size of their palm. If there is no place for the children to go rock collecting, then the teacher can either bring the rocks in himself, or may ask the children to bring one from around their home.
2. Gather children around the community circle center. Ask children to share with the class what they have found. Ask the children to explain anything that stands out to them, whether it is the size, shape, color, or any other attributes. For each person in the class, write their name down and 3 attributes about their rock.
3. Read a book that is about pet rocks.
4. Explain to the children that they are now going to have a chance to make pet rocks. Show them the various art materials and how each one would be applied to the rock. For example, wiggly eyes, felt, and pipe cleaners would have to be applied with a hot glue gun. The teacher will operate the hot glue gun for the students. Try to bring in several parent helpers for this lesson. Try to provide each parent with a hot glue gun for efficiency.
5. After the children are finished with their pet rocks, have them create a profile of their pet rock. Ask the children what kinds of things they should write about to tell the rest of the class about their pet rocks. Write this list on the board. When finished making a list, have each child do their own on a piece of paper. Have the children provide a picture to go along with their profiles.
6. Use the pictures and profiles to make a display outside in the hallway. Title it, “Circle of Friends.” Have the pictures and profile in a large circle with the title in the center.

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