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Rock Sculptures are the subject of this lesson


Art, Science  


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Title – Rock sculptures
By – Scott Dan
Subject – Science, Art
Grade Level – 1st – 2nd
Concept: weight and balance, stability
Grade: 1st
Activity 1: Rock Sculptures
1. Read a book about rock sculptures.
2. Divide children into groups of five.
3. At each table, provide them with a large container or box filled with various sizes of rocks.
4. Have each child make a sculpture by stacking rocks on top of each other. Once they are done making a sculpture, they are to share it with a few other children in the room, then tear it down and make another one. After everyone has had several turns at building sculptures, then ask the children to build one last one to share with the class.
5. Gather the children on the floor. Place a pile of rocks on the floor in front of them. Ask them how they made their rocks. Ask them if they had to use a certain kind of rock first. Did they use any particular method for building their sculpture? If the children do not say anything about larger rocks being on the bottom, then ask someone to demonstrate making a sculpture.
6. Ask what makes the sculpture strong and stable (big to small formation).
7. Ask for someone to start out a sculpture with a small base and work up to larger rocks. Which one was higher? Which one seemed stronger?
8. Invite children to create ways to test the strength of their structures.

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