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This idea is on Oceans and the Math topic of Classification of Seashells


Math, Science  



Title – Science lesson on Oceans
By – Joanna Rebone
Subject – Science, Math
Grade Level – 3rd
Objective: Students will be able to identify things living in the ocean.

Materials: seashells (enough for each child to have 3 or 4)
2 bowls
4 teaspoons of salt
2 hardboiled eggs
water (enough to fill both bowls 1/2 way.)
Literature books with facts about the ocean

Focus: Students will complete the first two columns of K-W-L charts up on the board to show what they already know (K) and what they want to know (W) about oceans. Save the (L) what they have learned until the lesson is finished.

Practice: Students will be divided into 2 groups. One group will participate in a math activity while the other group performs a science experiment.

Math- The students will be classifying and sorting different seashells. They will be placing shells in similar groups as well as arranging them from smallest to largest.

Science- The students will be comparing and contrasting fresh and salt water. Four teaspoons of salt will be put in one bowl. Hard boiled eggs will then be placed into both bowls. Students will observe the bowls and explain the outcomes.

Closure: Students will complete the K-W-L chart to show what they have learned from the lesson. Discussion will follow.

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