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The speed formula (S = d / t) is the topic of this lesson




9, 10  

Title – Speed Formula
By – Rob Edwards
Primary Subject – Science
Grade Level – 9-10
Subject: IPC

TEKS/TAKS Objectives: 4A 4B 4C

Lesson Objective: The learner will be able to calculate speed, time or distance by using the formula

S = d / t

Anticipatory Set: The learner will copy the formula
S = d / t from the book, identify what S, d, and t stand for.

Input Procedures: Teacher driven lecture on how we use speed and the formula in everyday life. Teacher will explain how to solve for the variables by changing the formula.

Checking for Understanding: Teacher will allow students to work in pairs to answer several questions relating to the formulas. Each student will assist the other as needed.

Guided Practice: With the use of the overhead/PowerPoint, the teacher will give several examples of word problems concerning the formula.

Independent Practice: The learner will be given a worksheet to complete dealing with the formulas. If not completed during class, finish for homework as needed.

Closure: The teacher will instruct students that this type of formula will be used during the entire year with only the variables changing. Next formula will be acceleration.

Assessment: Grading of the Independent practice. Quiz to be given during the next class period. Re-teach as needed.
Enrichment/Extension: No GT students

Modification(s): As needed per IEP


      Students: paper, pencil, calculators, text

    Teacher: Notes, computer/overhead, text

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