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Math, Music, Science  



Title – Apples
By – Kathy Engle
Primary Subject – Science
Secondary Subjects –
Language Arts, Music, Math 
Grade Level – First Grade

1. Collect an assortment of books about apples. Let students choose from the selections to read independently.

2. Read orally to the class “Pick Me an Apple!” by Shelly Rotner or any other book that describe an apple beginning from a seed and growing into an apple.

3. Make up a song about planting the apple seed, how it grows into a tree, how the flowers bud and turn into apples using the tune to the song “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush” . Have the students create movements to act out the process.

4. Ask parents to send in a variety of apples including some red, yellow, and green apples. Let each student select their favorite apple. Prepare a bar or picture graph titled “Our Favorite Apples”.

5. Give each student an estimation sheet to write their prediction of how many apple seeds are in their apple.

6. Use an apple corer and peeler and allow each student to peel their apple. Next, have each student count and record the actual number of seeds in their apple. Compare results.

7. Use the apples to make apple butter using your favorite recipe. I used a crock pot in the classroom. Serve the apple butter on crackers or toast.

8. Have the students select their favorite part of the lesson about apples and write “Apple Stories”.

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