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Here’s a fun lesson on Wind Power that involves students creating a Puff Mobile




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Title – The Mighty Puff Mobile
By – Linda E. Newcome
Subject – Science
Grade Level – 4-7

End your school year with a neat lesson on puff mobiles. Guaranteed that students will love it.

Objectives: students will use materials given to design a puff mobile, work in teams, brainstorm, write directions on how to build a puff mobile, test their puff mobile

Materials: 10 plastic straws, 1 sheet of copier paper, 4 wooden beads 1 1/2 inch in diameter or smaller with a hole through the middle, unlimited number of straight pins

Procedures: Teacher and students will discuss the land ship that years ago was built to travel across the desert. Teacher and students will brainstorm what would cause the ship to work? What would it need to move it? Teacher will group students either in pairs, threes, but no more than a group of 4. The teacher then hands each group a baggie containing, 10 straws, 1 sheet of paper, the 4 beads, and approximately 30 straight pins. They can have more if needed.

The teacher then stresses to students they have only 15, 20, or 25 minutes to build their puff mobile, try it out, readjust it, and fix for the real race. The teacher moves around the groups giving moral support but no answers. When the time is up students are taken to a long, clear, hallway. They then talk about the testing arrangements. The group picks their best blower, the teacher times them with a stopwatch, they then get down on their hands and knees and blow the puff mobile as fast and as far as they can in 15 seconds.

The winners are given a certificate of accomplishment or some other neat idea.

Evaluation: working in groups, writing the directions on how to construct a puff mobile, or if it is an end of the year activity no evaluation is needed. HAVE FUN!!!!

This activity has been refined from the AIMS booklets.

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