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This is an idea for Teaching Seasons and Precipitation





Title – Science lesson on seasons
By – Joanna Claire Rebone
Subject – Science
Grade Level – Second
House of Seasons

Purpose: This activity will teach students about the seasons. They will learn about the quantity and forms of precipitation associated with the different seasons.
Materials: old children’s or nature magazines, scissors, glue, construction paper, tape.

Focus: Read the book Suzette and Nicholas and the Season’s clock by Marie-France Mangin. Read this to start generating students thinking about the seasons.
Activity: Student get into small groups Pictures of different season will be put on tables along with construction paper. Students arrange pictures into 4 piles, one for each season. Fold construction paper into 4 equal parts. Make a collage with the pictures, keeping the 4 season in their own part on the paper. Give the students another sheet of paper. Cut four shuttered windows in the paper. The cuts will correspond to the placement of the seasons in the collage. The students then lay the cut out paper over the collage and tape the edges to the collage.
Closure: Ask for volunteers to share their collages. Have them describe how water looks during each of their seasons.

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